GRAY JOLLIFFE – The Illustrator

Gray Jolliffe was born and educated in Washington D.C., but now lives in England with his wife and three children.  Gray worked in advertising for many years as a copywriter and then as the Creative Director of 3 leading London agencies, while cartooning in his spare time.  Then fame overtook him with the publication of the “Wicked Willie” series of books and associated merchandising (over 3 million books sold to date!) and illustration became a full-time occupation. All this activity, plus the ‘Chloe & Co’ cartoon strip which runs six days a week in The Daily Mail and a continual stream of book illustration and advertising work, means that Gray can still just about afford to eat and enjoy the occasional bottle of plonk.



As a film Director, Michael has directed over 250 television commercials all over the world, as well as written and directed light entertainment and drama programmes for TV, as well as directed an American action adventure feature film. Michael has also been writing creatively for many years, having written a series of children’s books that were published by Penguin, whose characters were merchandised by MGM in a world-wide licensing deal, as well as the daily strip, Chloe & Co. Michael is a member of The Directors Guild of Great Britain, The Writers Guild of Great Britain, The Professional Cartoonists Organisation and is a proud member of The Variety Club of Great Britain, for whom he has written and directed many of the charity’s fund-raising films for disadvantaged children over the last twenty years.


Chloe & Co appears 6 days a week in The Daily Mail, the UK’s leading quality tabloid with a circulation of 1.5 million readers & can also be found on Facebook & Twitter. In 2010, Chloe & Co was awarded 'Strip of The Year' by the Cartoon Art Trust.


Chloe & Co is represented worldwide by Knight Features Limited

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